Corporate lady turns handmade card business owner

Hi, I'm Lela. I started out working for large, financial corporations. I enjoyed the work very much. Once I had my first daughter, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom. I knew that I didn't want to miss her growing up. My new found identity as a stay-at-home mom took a bit of transition. Many of my friends experienced the same thing. A gap between the person they were before and after having a child.

I started making handmade cards with my friend, Lauren, who is a gifted handmade card designer and creator in her own right. She had a ton of supplies to "play" with! Then, I was given a large set of supplies from a distant relative. Now that I had my own supplies, I began designing cards. Mostly for family friends, at first. Then, they started telling me that I should try to sell them. I always loved crafting but never thought people would want to buy them.

Then, my friends asked me to participate in a local craft fair. I thought why not. So, I designed and created over 200 cards for that event. It went very well. Customers kept asking if I had an online shop where they could purchase more. My answer was "No, sorry. This is my first craft fair." Yet I knew, they were right. I needed to have an online presence. So, my friend mentioned To imagine creating a business from home while being at home with my girls, was a dream come true. Now I could truly bridge the gap between the person I was before and after having a child. :)

Now, I have over 1,000 sales from across the world. I'm so thankful for for making this a reality for me and so many people, like me. :)

Thank you for reading my story.

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