Yes! Whether you have a lady boss, co worker, mompreneur, baker, mail carrier, nurse, doctor, lawyer, florist, mechanic, there are ladies running the world around us.  Don't you think it's time to celebrate it?  I do! I am inspired by all the ladies I know in my life.  I know single moms, moms who work outside and inside their homes, moms who tirelessly take care of everyone and everything!  We deserve something that celebrates that.  Celebrates who we are as fixtures in the community, in our families and our lives. We do it all and pretty well.

In this thought process, I celebrate you ladies everywhere with my Letter Stationery. It is inspired by a woman.  Handmade by a woman for women. Customize your color with 12 different colot options with any personalized letter you choose. Each one is made to order, which makes them each unique, just like us!

You can find them in the shop here.