After getting the kids to school, which is no small feat on Monday mornings after a very typical busy weekend of soccer games, playdates, football games, family dinners and a dinner party (that we hosted), I could finally sit down to write about my new Fall birthday/baby shower invitations.  I love Fall!  Who doesn't?  There's beautiful leaves changing color, cool breezes, long warm sweaters and pumpkin galore (which I just decided to get on board like 3 years ago).  Anyway, I decided, since I have 2 Fall babies, who are now 9 and 6,  I needed to create Fall birthday/baby shower invitations.  Each one is uniquely personalized and customized to suit your personality and style.  If I know my girls, they are both unique and different and would need a different kind of font and greeting to convey it.  I love working with my customers on creating what they are seeking for their own personal event.  No invitation is ever the same, just like people.

Take a look and see a few examples of what I have to offer.