Happy Wednesday! Today, I want to talk about how important it is to celebrate the couple. Couple in marriage, love, friends and family.  Sometimes it can represent the love from a husband to a wife, a boyfriend to a girlfriend, two sisters, two bestfriends or a mother to a child.  Often times we forget how much we mean to each other until we call them or send them a note.  This morning, I just got off the phone with one my closest friends and we talked about our lives.  We connected so well.  We laughed and cried.  We, as people, need to stay connected in friendship and love.  No matter what happens in our lives, we need each other to keep us human.  I challenge you to connect with someone you love today.  

In these thoughts, I was inspired to create a meaningful stationery set.  One set that represents two people's marriage, love, friendship or family.

You can see them in the shop here.